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Elevate your style with this trendy double-layered bracelet made with faceted Obsidian stones, featuring rhodium plated spacer beads with Black Zircon. Obsidian is believed to have protective properties that guard against negative energy, while the black Zircon stones bring a touch of sophistication..
$85.00 $130.00
Celebrate your pride and show off your unique style with this stunning handcrafted LGBT Bracelet, featuring a beautiful combination of 6 mm ceramic Mykonos and Hematite beads. The adjustable sliding knot, made with macrame cord, ensures a comfortable and customized fit that you can easily adjust to ..
$45.00 $64.00
Unleash your inner strength with this handcrafted bracelet made with 5mm matte cube Hematite and 6 mm Tiger Eye beads. Hematite is believed to provide grounding and stability, while Tiger Eye is said to promote courage and confidence. This unique design is handcrafted with great attention to detail ..
$39.00 $49.00
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