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Tigers Eye Beaded Tiger Bracelet

Tigers Eye Beaded Tiger Bracelet
Tigers Eye Beaded Tiger Bracelet
Tigers Eye Beaded Tiger Bracelet
Tigers Eye Beaded Tiger Bracelet
Tigers Eye Beaded Tiger Bracelet
Tigers Eye Beaded Tiger Bracelet
Tigers Eye Beaded Tiger Bracelet
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Make a statement with this custom-designed 925 silver tiger bead bracelet with a brushed texture finish. The bracelet features 8mm matte Onyx beads, Tiger's Eye beads, and a stunning 925 Silver Tiger, adding a touch of luxury and boldness to the design. The Matte Onyx is known for its ability to provide strength and grounding, while the Tiger's Eye promotes confidence and strength. This unique design is perfect for the man who wants to showcase his power and strength. The bracelet comes in a sleek black gift box, ready to be given to someone special or kept for yourself.

  • 8mm Matte Onyx Beads
  • 8mm Tiger's Eye Beads
  • 925 Silver Tiger
  • Strong Elastic Cord

Discover the enchanting beauty of gemstones, crafted over millions of years by Earth's intricate geological processes. Adorning your wrist with Juniper & Eloise Jewelry bracelets, you cradle a fragment of the cosmos, resonating with the celestial origins of the elements nestled within these mesmerizing stones, born from distant stars.


Journey through time with the enchanting allure of onyx beads, a gemstone steeped in history and revered for its potent powers and mesmerizing beauty. From adorning the regalia of ancient Egyptian pharaohs to serving as a symbol of courage for Roman soldiers, onyx has captivated the hearts and minds of humanity for millennia. Our handcrafted onyx bead collection invites you to partake in this fascinating legacy, offering a touch of timeless elegance with a fun historical twist. The deep black hue and smooth polish of onyx beads make them a versatile, sophisticated accessory for any wardrobe. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, onyx is also believed to possess powerful protective qualities, warding off negative energies and promoting emotional stability. As a gemstone of strength and resilience, onyx beads are the perfect talisman for today's confident, modern individual.


Venture into the enthralling world of Brown Tiger Eye beads, a gemstone celebrated for its captivating chatoyancy, empowering properties, and deep connection to human history. Tiger Eye, a quartz variety containing parallel layers of golden-yellow and brown fibers, has captivated gem enthusiasts and jewelry connoisseurs alike for its remarkable cat's-eye effect and warm, earthy tones. Our masterfully crafted Brown Tiger Eye beaded bracelets by Juniper & Eloise Jewelry highlight the enchanting beauty of this exceptional gemstone, featuring its mesmerizing play of light that adds a touch of bold sophistication to any ensemble. Beyond their visual allure, Brown Tiger Eye beads are believed to possess powerful spiritual properties, including boosting courage, enhancing focus, and promoting self-confidence, making them the perfect accessory for the modern, mindful individual seeking inner strength and determination.