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Tıger's Eye Arrow Bracelet

Tıger's Eye Arrow Bracelet
Tıger's Eye Arrow Bracelet
Tıger's Eye Arrow Bracelet
Tıger's Eye Arrow Bracelet
Tıger's Eye Arrow Bracelet
Tıger's Eye Arrow Bracelet
Tıger's Eye Arrow Bracelet
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The matte faceted onyx and tiger's eye beads in this handcrafted bracelet provide a striking contrast that catches the eye. Onyx is known for its grounding properties and tiger's eye is associated with vitality and motivation. The rhodium plated 925 silver arrow adds a touch of sophistication and complements the natural colors of the stones. The adjustable sliding knot made with macrame cord allows for a comfortable and customizable fit. This bracelet comes in a black gift box and is available in two sizes.
  • 6mm Matte Faceted Onyx Beads
  • 6mm Red Tiger's Eye Beads
  • 925 Silver Arrow - Rhodium Plated
  • Black Macrame String
  • Adjustable Closure

Discover the enchanting beauty of gemstones, crafted over millions of years by Earth's intricate geological processes. Adorning your wrist with Juniper & Eloise Jewelry bracelets, you cradle a fragment of the cosmos, resonating with the celestial origins of the elements nestled within these mesmerizing stones, born from distant stars.


Unveil the allure of matte black onyx beads, a sophisticated and powerful gemstone that has captured the imagination of civilizations for centuries. This stunning gemstone has made an impact throughout history, gracing the finest ancient Egyptian treasures, bestowing strength upon Roman soldiers, and even leaving its mark in the pages of the Bible. Our handcrafted matte black onyx bead collection offers a contemporary twist on this classic gemstone, providing a subdued elegance that effortlessly complements any outfit. The matte finish accentuates the deep black hue, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to your style. Matte black onyx beads are not only visually striking, but they also boast powerful protective properties, warding off negative energies and promoting emotional balance.


Delve into the enticing world of Red Tiger Eye beads, a gemstone celebrated for its alluring chatoyancy, invigorating properties, and profound connection to human history. Red Tiger Eye, a quartz variety with iron oxide inclusions, has bewitched gem enthusiasts and jewelry connoisseurs alike for its striking cat's-eye effect and vibrant, reddish-brown hues. Our expertly crafted Red Tiger Eye beaded bracelets by Juniper & Eloise Jewelry showcase the mesmerizing beauty of this exceptional gemstone, featuring its enchanting play of light that adds a touch of fiery elegance to any ensemble.