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Zircon Evil Eye Bracelet

Zircon Evil Eye Bracelet
Zircon Evil Eye Bracelet
Zircon Evil Eye Bracelet
Zircon Evil Eye Bracelet
Zircon Evil Eye Bracelet
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Add an air of mystery and intrigue to your look with this stunning onyx bracelet. The 6mm beads are crafted from high-quality materials and feature a Rhodium plated 925 silver evil eye bead embellished with black Zircon stones. The sliding knot made with macrame string allows for easy adjustment, so you can wear it comfortably all day long. Onyx is known to be a protective stone, shielding the wearer from negative energy and promoting inner strength.

  • 925 Silver Eye - Rhodium Plated
  • 6mm Onyx Beads
  • Black Macrame Cord
  • Adjustable Closure

A Modern Take on Ancient Protection

The profound history and meaningful symbolism embodied within the evil eye amulet have long captivated the interest of jewelry designers and enthusiasts alike. Drawing inspiration from our ancestors' wisdom and the timeless beauty of this emblem, we are pleased to showcase one of our enduring designs: the 925 Silver Evil Eye Bead with Black Zircon Stones. This elegant and modern design is meticulously crafted using high-quality 925 silver, ensuring durability and a lustrous finish. The eye-shaped bead is adorned with exquisite black zircon stones, providing a contemporary touch to the classic evil eye motif. The black zircon stones not only lend a unique aesthetic but also symbolize strength and protection against negative energies. This versatile design caters to both masculine and feminine styles, making it a perfect accessory for anyone looking to incorporate the protective qualities of the evil eye into their daily attire. While the traditional blue glass beads hold a special place in our hearts, this innovative design offers a fresh and sophisticated alternative for those looking to embrace the protective qualities of the evil eye in a more contemporary style. Experience the magic and allure of the evil eye in a whole new light with our 925 Silver Evil Eye Beads with Black Zircon Stones. Embrace this modern twist on a time-honored tradition and let it safeguard you and your loved ones, just as the original design has done for countless generations.


Journey through time with the enchanting allure of onyx beads, a gemstone steeped in history and revered for its potent powers and mesmerizing beauty. From adorning the regalia of ancient Egyptian pharaohs to serving as a symbol of courage for Roman soldiers, onyx has captivated the hearts and minds of humanity for millennia. Our handcrafted onyx bead collection invites you to partake in this fascinating legacy, offering a touch of timeless elegance with a fun historical twist. The deep black hue and smooth polish of onyx beads make them a versatile, sophisticated accessory for any wardrobe. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, onyx is also believed to possess powerful protective qualities, warding off negative energies and promoting emotional stability.