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Warrior Helmet Bracelet

Warrior Helmet Bracelet
Warrior Helmet Bracelet
Warrior Helmet Bracelet
Warrior Helmet Bracelet
Warrior Helmet Bracelet
Warrior Helmet Bracelet
Warrior Helmet Bracelet
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Looking for a simple yet elegant bracelet? Look no further than this beaded bracelet made with 8mm gray jasper beads, featuring a 925 Silver plated helmet with black zircon stones. The helmet bead has amazing detail, and the sliding knot made with macrame string ensures a comfortable and adjustable fit. Gray jasper is said to enhance tranquility and inner peace, while the black zircon stones represent protection and grounding. Packaged in a sleek black gift box, this bracelet makes a thoughtful gift for any man who loves understated elegance.
  • Silver Plated Helmet with Black Zircon Stones
  • 8mm Gra Jasper Beads
  • Black Macrame Cord
  • Adjustable Closure

Marvel at the wonder of gemstones, which are often formed over millions of years through intricate geological processes. By wearing Juniper & Eloise Jewelry bracelets, you are embracing a piece of the universe on your wrist, connecting with the cosmic origins of these exquisite stones that were once created in distant galaxies.


Unveil the natural charm of gray Jasper beads, a gemstone celebrated for its earthy beauty, grounding energy, and fascinating role in human history. Revered by ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and Native Americans, Jasper was cherished for its protective qualities, ornamental appeal, and use in weaponry and tools, a testament to its durability and resilience. Our meticulously crafted gray Jasper beaded bracelets showcase the understated elegance of this versatile gemstone, featuring a soothing gray hue that seamlessly complements any wardrobe. Beyond their visual allure, gray Jasper beads are believed to possess powerful grounding and balancing properties, promoting emotional stability and a strong connection to the Earth's energies, making them the ideal accessory for today's mindful and stylish individuals.